21st-23rd-24th January

Hmm…let me start with something fresh: he misses me…and that is new because he actually means it and admitted it himself.
Ok. Now, let me get me back to the last weekend I spent…hmm…
Well, it was lonely…and depressing… I cried most of the time..and thought about unspeakable things…(negative thoughts), yet somehow I managed to smile.
It must be him. Whenever I see a message or some small attention from his part…I feel different… I feel wanted… I just want to feel this way all the time… but… I can take it.
I know he wants his space and privacy so I will not bother him when I feel the need to talk to him.
I will let you come to me.
This does not mean I am cold to you. I could never be that way… I deeply care for you…my feelings cannot be spoken…only felt and expressed in facts. Watch what I do and analyze my actions if you are not certain by yourself.

Nothing and nobody can change the way I feel for you and the way you make me feel…
You brighten up my day and light my heart.

I am grateful to be so lucky in meeting you, my love.


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