Lovely Love <3

My honey King is so cute and lovely and I cannot have enough of him…

The day he got into an accident I was dead worried hoping he did not have a scratch while he was worried about the car.. Silly him, he was ready to throw his life for a machine. I jumped in to help him, he did not want my help at first, the I switched to a loan. He agreed with his heart sinking in but I tried to help him understand that I want to be helpful. After all, I would have taken the money and spend them on stupid things. At least, now I know I am being helpful. 

Enough about this, I sound boastful. I am not. 

All I want to say is: I am so charged with positive energy by being with him, that I cannot imagine my life without him. I am, sort of speak, addicted to his presence and to his entire being. 

I do not think I have felt so strongly for anyone… Is this what you call true love? 

I care not for presents or money, all I want is to be with my honey King for the rest of my life.

Never leave me!  Never betray me, never lie to me. 🙂


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