25-31st January

The last week of January was amazing! I spent a few days with my honey king and I felt like we were newly-weds :D. He is indeed a child, and I am too, only when I am around him.

I also feel this huge love that overflows from within me and I feel I need to suffocate him with it. But this only happens when I do not see him this long. As for the mini-vacation I got with him, I have to say it was wonderful!

We ate, we watched anime series and I got him to like Hellsing (LOL). I never thought he would like my world. It seems I chose right this time and I will never make a different choice from now on.

Also on the last week of January, I received my PusheenIcorn ❤ ❤ ❤


I love it!!! I am never away from her and it keep me company taking my missing him too much. Of course a plushie could never replace him but it keeps me at bay on my survival line.

As the memes that appeared on the internet, this month of January was just a trial month.

The real struggle begins now! :))
This means my journey begins now and I need to get my focus on what matters to me: my love and my job. Love to keep my heart afloat and money to keep my whims satisfied :))

Of course I am a material girl! Every woman is! But I am for my own money. 🙂

Now, now, that’s all I got to say about the last week of January.

More news to be posted for February!


Love, love, love is my answer! :-*



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