1st -3rd February

Well, as I was saying the month of January was the 31 day trial period :))
Now, the real combat begins!

On 1st of February I was on my night shift at work and everything went smooth as never before. My honey spoke to me through text messages and we are happy together.

I am no longer distressed by the fact that we see each other ocasionally as I have learned to be patient and I have seen that the less often you see someone, the more you miss them.

So, I have decided that I will not be insistent about meeting too often, but I will wait patiently for him to come to me. This is by no means at all that I have lesser feelings for him, on the contrary, I only miss him evem more and it makes me appreciate him even more.

Through all his hectic program, he makes time for me and this is precious because time is not something you can give back. It is something that flies and goes very fast and it can never be returned or felt the same way or lived the same day.

You cannot do the same thing on a different day or say the same thing on another day.
You just live and go with the flow… and the flow takes you far away on a midday with the one you love.

Returning to my days: on 2nd of February I went home and went to sleep. I could not sleep very well, so I turned to books to keep my mind off from certain things. But I know everything will be alright and everything is in the right place.

On 3rd of February I went to my night shift again, as this week I am all nighters and it was a calm, smooth night.



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