4th of February

Today, my shift ended and then I went and my honey was there ❤ waiting for me.

As soon I saw him my heart was filled with joy and happiness as it always happens when I see him. I can hardly contain myself not to jump him and hug him and smother him and kiss him all over. I keep all this to myself. and I am content with this.

On we went to do some shopping but when we reched our destination the stores were still closed so we went on and did some small shopping for myself. After this, we went to the car and sat there until the stores opened up.

I did not like anything so we went from store to store and nothing caught my eye as all prices were too high!!!

After this, we went and bought some cigarettes and then went to the park and sat there and smoked and talked about everything there is to talk about.

I love his voice, his eyes, his lips, the very being he represents….he is everything to me… I do not wish to see hm harmed or sad. I want to see his smiling face and I want to hear his laughter all the time. His voice is soothing music to my ears and it calms me down and it lifts my spirits.

You are everything to me and I simply adore you and I cannot imagine my life without you. Not now, not ever and I may sound mushy or too clingy but all I know is that I want us to grow old and senile together. :))

This is all for today!


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