I feel like SHIT!!!!

After a fucked up week with fucked up moments at work, you deny me the ONLY sign of affection I crave from you: seeing you and talking to you….

You say I am a drama queen, well, DAMN WELL I AM!!! How would you be after 12 hours of non-stop shit from your workplace?! Oh, wait, you don’t know shit about it cause you’re a cute lil’ boy who is SPOILED by everyone around him !

I love you too much but the way things are going I don’t know if this love can save my mental health or my soul. I don’t think anyone has done anything of the things I did for you BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! But it seems that you are taking this as a laughing matter as you don’t give a SHIT about me! You just PRETEND! You just shut me up when I feel like crap and you elevate me with little things.

Indeed I appreciate a lot the fact that you think of me when you buy things, but please keep me in your mind when I ask you for a date…or at least a measle meeting… am I  asking that much?

You have no idea the state of mind I have right now….but you couldn’t care less!

You don’t like such words!

You don’t know the least about me! You have no idea what I can do! But I will never be that low or ignore you just for stupid little things.

But for now, I feel like this is going nowhere….so I don’t know what do to….

I will go home and cry myself to sleep only to wake up tomorrow and cry again and this whole weekend is FUCKED!

Thank you for the wonderful life you make me live….

I will soon join a mental hospital…or better….

six feet under





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