You don’t know shit about me and you don’t care about me.

If you did, you would be next to me supporting me….but all you care about is your damn games and your damn marijuana!

I am a human being and I demand attention!

You cannot provide that for me…. you promiised me lies and that is all you have been doing to me…. you have been abusing me emotionally and you do not care about me…….

You think this is all drama. You think this is shit!

Well, for me, the LITTLE things MATTER the MOST!

You DON’T appreciate me and you don’t know HOW to express yourself… my conclusion is that you don’t love me anymore and everything else is history….

I am sick and tired of being the ONLY one trying hard to maintain this relationship….. This cannot go on…. you don’t care about me….you never did….. You try to maintan the appearances, with little gifts…. but they cannot compensate for your absence….

I have written once before, something similar to what I am feeling today…. but I have censored myself…. but not anymore…. 🙂

It’s breaking my heart and I am torn to pieces as my mind is filled only with you, but you….you couldn’t care less…..

I am a drama queen in your eyes and nothing more….

I cry and cry and cry and try to keep myself afloat, but I am drowning myself in the exasperation you put me through…..

You don’t care….enough…..to keep me next to you….

You know nothing of me and my fears….

😦 😦 😦 😦 😦


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