Useless piece of shit…

It is exactly how I feel right now…. And I want to be erased from the surface of this Earth… I do not have the power and confidence to just go on….. I am stupid, I do not know how to treat the customers….and I cannot sell them anything….why should I be here…. I do nothing right… I feel like shit… I feel so damn useless… I am NOT better than anyone…. I am not the person they think I am… I am nothing compared to the existing specialists…
Why did I come here in the first place?

I came for the money…but I do not deserve to be here… All I do is mistakes that will bring the company down… So what if I speak perfect English…. I am useless when I need to convince someone to buy something…. Why can I not be better… Why can’t I be someone that can inspire and help people…and someone to be proud….

I do not deserve anything.. I do not deserve this life….

This is the truth….this is my truth….

I was never an open person and I will never be an open person… I do not deserve anything.

I am not worthy of anything….. Why am I even here….


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