When someone says you have to leave something behind or you have to be remembered by something… they don’t necessarilly mean that you need to make BABIES!

You can be an actor and leave movies or theater plays which people can see and enjoy
You can be a singer or a composer and people will listen to the songs you wrote or even a writer or a poet and people will serenade their loved ones.
You can be anything you want to be! Just… DON’T make BABIES if you know you cannot handle them!

In case you really do feel the need to leave your name behind and leave a mark on this Earth, besides having a career and fame and money and you really, REALLY want to have kids, then DON’T CODDLE THEM! And DON’T give in to their whims!

Being a parent is hard, I get that. However, being a parent who gives in and fulfills every whim of their kids is NOT the right way of educating your kids! Because they will reach an age where they will think everything is for them and they will think that it is the right way of things to get the things they want.
Example: the kid wants a tablet; the parent gives it to him/her and then the next time the kid wants tablet the parent gives it again. Yet, once the kid does a naughty thing, he/she starts to cry out and yell like a madman, they start yelling they want the tablet; the parent should not give in and present the tablet. Then, the kid starts to yell even louder, so loud that the neighbours will be coming knocking on your door to keep it down. In this case, the parent should avoid giving the tablet and punish the kid by taking it away and not giving it back until it shuts up.

I am not an expert on educating kids and I don’t pretend to be one, but to be a parent means to know when to be rough and put the kid into his place and to know when to cuddle and hug and kiss the kid. In other words you have to be balanced in giving love to your kid and in showing him/her who is the parent and how to behave. Here, I am talking about the fact that some parents choose to just give their kids everything, except for their attention, I mean REAL attention! Not just toys and techy stuff and money on their hands! I mean REAL love and attention: play with them, teach them to be nice, stay with them and educate them to be better than before.

Just for the sake of writing, I’m going to write something here: I have been baby-sitting a kid of almost 5 years old and because the family situation is not that good, the parents are not together. The kid has stayed mostly with his dad and he did not receive any kind of education. He is very naughty and he does not want to listen to anyone, except when he is punished or pulled by the ears. This sort of punishment is the only way he listens to and he becomes nicer. This is because his dad was not a real parent. And now the kid is doing all sorts of naughty stuff which is not good for a 5 year old to do. It will be hard to undo the mess that his dad made, but everything will be fine in the end ( or that is what I hope for).

Mistakes happen all the time, but having a kid just because you don’t want to have an abortion because you believe in some sort of stupid superstition ..that is just DUMB! If you know you can handle having a kid, then go for it! But DON’T make babies just because society tells you to or because you fear being alone in your older days… That is just a very bad reason to have kids! You’re far better off by having a pet and saving a life…rather than giving life just to torment it with different experiences.. Not only that, but you would be tormenting yourself as well!

To end this post, I will say this: DON’T MAKE BABIES JUST FOR THE SAKE OF IT!

Do whatever you want, but if you decide on forming a family, BE SMART and BE RESPONSIBLE!


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