Everyday life

MIDNIGHT SUN!Nothing new happened these days. It’s just that I’m getting bored. Same things I repeat day after day, and I’m constantly looking for a job, but it seems the gods hate me and they want me to disappear as I will not continue to go on if I don’t find a job FAST!!!!! I don’t wanna go home to get bored and get into fights with my sister or mom, or even that person who must not be named. Anyway,……I had fun these last days.

First, I had some exams. Then I cried, then I laughed, and then I contemplated to get in touch with my inner self. But that didn’t work out so I fell asleep. Oh, I am very very sleepy and I don’t know the reason. Maybe this hot weather is at fault, and maybe because I am alone and I don’t have with who to share my thoughts and feelings. I am a girl, I can survive by myself, but sometimes I need a shoulder to cry on. And this is exactly what I don’t have. Or, at least, no one showed me this. I had found it difficult to pass over some recent events which took place last week, but my friends, and my pen friends, who are over seas, were with me, comforting me and telling me to go on, ’cause a guy is no reason to cry over. And so I did. The story is over. I have to write a new chapter in my life. Maybe with a new tsuki, or maybe alone, or, why not with my new friends that are there for me, even they have their own troubles.

Someone once told me, that having friends is like having a new family. And thus, I should not tell them ALL my troubles, because it might weight too much for them, so only the essential is needed to be known. So from now on, my real troubles will be found only in my head :)) and that’s just it. For now, I will concentrate on my fic, and on my studies. I hopw you enjoy reading my blog.

See ya!

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