As I was pissed off because Korea was promoted everywhere, by everyone, including by myself, I decided to start a new page, dedicated to Japanese relations, and things that are related to JAPAN! Because I am a student in foreign languages, with specialization in English Japanese, I had to make this page so I can show the world, that JAPAN was FIRST! Second in command is Korea, but the captain/chairman/chief whatever you want to call it, was JAPAN!

Let’s start with anime, as this is the most common knowledge about Japan. Have you watched some of the cartoons? Have you read some of the mangas? Have you listened or seen any of the videos that their theme is called JRock? I bet you did, but you had no idea what they were talking about :D. You did not need to understand the language you were too attracted to the characters in the anime, their design, their looks, I mean, where can you find a girl who has long and purple hair and eyes too, purple. 🙂 Where can you find a boy who is more beautiful (yes beautiful) than a girl? In ANIME, or course, or in manga.

What was your first anime that you watched since you were a child? Mine was Sailor Moon. And I think everyone will say the same.

What was your first MV in Japanese that you ever watched? Mine was Gazette – Filth in The Beauty

I want to thank in advance to those that clicked the LIKE button for the newest born page on facebook, dedicated to Japan, to be more precise, dedicated to the Romanian – Japanese bonds, that still resist in time, over 50 years have passed since our fruitful friendship.

This is the page created for Japanese Culture in Romania > http://www.facebook.com/pages/Japanese-Culture-in-Romania/120987664658214


I am no longer pissed on Korea ;)) 😀 :)) cause I no longer have connections with it. 🙂 So long and have a nice wave ;))


https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=212072375529027  this is for BANSAKU B’DAY! 😀 More info to come soon. 😀

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