There are a lot of genres in this world, but here I will focus only on pop, rock and traditional.

My first choice would be Gackt, as he is most known for his solo career, but he is a former member of the band Malice Mizer. He is 37 years old, and he still looks good :> I will present you some of his PV’s, as the videos in Japan are called so.


This is GHOST

This is JESUS

My second choice in searching for music which represents Japan, would be in ROCK :D. I simply ADORE JROCK!!!! Especially VISUAL KEI! 😀 In this field, I can say I have been to only one concert, and the band was OROCHI. They are very good singers and good looking guys. One of them is born on the same date as me. 😀 Imagine that! :)) 😀


And as I said before, Orochi have visited our country, Romania. 😀 So I will post a few videos.

the girls were breaking my ears 😀

Introduction of members 😀

Another band I like is THE GAZETTE 😀

it’s my favorite video and song from them 😀

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